Cherry-picking in Ceres


First off-Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun holiday season.

I apologize for neglecting my blog for the past several weeks.  I’ve been quite busy with my in-laws visiting as well as being out of the country for two weeks in Madagascar (I will definitely post about that later). I have a TON to write about.  So hopefully, in the next two weeks, I can easily churn out 5-6 posts to make up for my absence.

So one thing that I love about Cape Town is the ability to drive just 30 minutes outside of the city and come across stunning bucolic landscapes as you head towards the winelands.  With summer here, I’m reminded that Western Cape’s climate and landscapes are often compared to California. I then began remembering past experiences enjoying fruit festivals in Southern California so I figured there must be something going on here since there are so many farmlands in the area.  So I researched and found a strawberry festival but as luck would have it, we ended up sleeping in and missing it.  I began looking for more festivals and came upon the opportunity for cherry picking at Klondyke Cherry Farm in Ceres.  I’ve never picked fruit at a farm before nor cherries so I was really excited to actually just see a cherry tree.



Unfortunately, M. didn’t get to share in this experience but my in-laws gladly joined me on this outing since they are nature and fruit lovers themselves.  The cherry farm is about 2 hours away from Cape Town and the drive to the area, was gorgeous in itself.  Precipitous mountain passes and verdant vistas filled our drive, making the time fly.

Once you arrive, they hand you little plastic containers to collect your cherries.  There is no limit!  You pay an entry free of 25 rand per person (their website hasn’t been updated so their pricing on the website is slightly lower).  The price for cherries picked is R45 per kg.  Despite the entry fee, it’s still an incredible bargain compared to what you pay at the grocery store plus they are as fresh as they can possibly be.  And while you aren’t supposed to “taste” while picking…it happens.  Some cherries on certain trees are more sweet or tart than others and you have to figure that out before you start picking at a particular area.  Be sure to walk around and explore the different trees.  We found some great, tiny dark cherries that were just divine.



We picked cherries to our heart’s (and stomach’s) content.  Seriously, I had some of the best cherries I’ve ever tasted there.  There is also a braai area so you can make it a picnic out of the day.

Today is the last day of the cherry-picking season.  I deeply apologize for not writing this post sooner but at the very least you can plan ahead for next year.  Cherry picking season generally is for one month-first week of December to first week of January and is open 7 days a week.


Happy Adventuring!


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